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Granite Tub Time

Bathtubs provide not only the functional use of bathing, but also serve as a sanctuary for relaxing and fun (bubbles and rubber ducky needed).

While free-standing tubs make a Pinterest worthy picture, drop-in and alcove tubs have their pluses, too. Tub surrounds are a handy place to put soap, shampoo, toys, etc. for use while bathing. They also provide a small ledge for a quick sit & shave without the acrobatics of balancing on one leg.

Features lacking in freestanding tubs that can be found in drop-in tubs include jets for massaging and a heater to keep your bath water's temperature warm. Drop in tubs are also easier to clean, as there's no floor area between the tub and wall to collect dust or spilled tub water.

Whether it's for some long due me time/self care, or getting the kids clean with a fun bubble bath, stone tub surrounds add to your design style, like the above pictured Southwest themed spa.

We think these granite surrounded tubs are just as stunning as their free-standing counterparts!

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